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The Wizard is one of the Classes that you can choose to play in Legends: Rise of a Hero.

Primary Stat: Intelligence


Wizards use a Staves‏‎ and a ,Tomes‏‎ and wear  Cloth Armor‏ and a Cloth Helm‏‎

The higher levels of the Robes require a lot of silk sheets.   Silk sheets can be crafted ahead of time in the workshop. Keep the workshop busy crafting these silk sheets and when you level up to 19 or 20 and above, you will have enough to craft your new robes without having to wait.


STR - This will affect your damage and attack rating.

DEX - This will affect your chance to dodge.

INT - This will affect your chance to hit. LUCK - This will affect your chance to get a critical hit. 


Wizard Attacks
Auto Attack Fireball
1. ranger auto
2. fireball
Chain Lightening Ice Block
3. chain lightening
4. ice block

Hints and Tips for Playing a Wizard

  • ...Take a warrior with you on difficult missions. The warrior will dash up and block the enemy from coming straight for you (most of the time).  You can get a couple of hits in before the enemy makes his way around the warrior to come after a wizard.
  • ...If a ranger is on the mission with you, stay a step  behind him when fighting.  
  • ...When fighting on your own (or even with a party) use your special attacks to your advantage. Against one enemy, you can usually use the following combination to get three of more free hits with out giving them a chance:
    • Fireball - this usually gets the enemy moving your direction
    • Chain lightning - slows the enemy's approach
    • Ice Block - freeze the enemy in place and take shots at him with Fireballs or your normal attack.
    • Count to about 8, then move away from the enemy to let your Ice Block recharge. Once it's ready, stop and freeze the enemy again.
  • ...For two enemies,
    • Use Chain Lightning first, then Ice Block. You'll have two or three chances to use Fireball on one enemy before the Ice Block runs out. This works best with a party where a Warrior or other character can take some damage.
    • Alternatively, use Chain Lightning, Ice Block, a Fireball, then turn and run as soon as the Chain Lightning effect wears off. This will leave enemy #1 far behind the one chasing you (Enemy #2).  It takes some practice, but re-aim your attack on the Enemy #2 (just click on him), then keep running a little further. Once your Ice Block is recharged, use it on Enemy #2.  If you time it right, Enemy #1 will be right behind him just as your Chain Lightning is ready for use and you can hit BOTH enemies with it. This works well when you're on your own and you have a LOT of running room.
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