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A warrior is one of 3 Classes‏‎  that you can play in Legends: Rise of a Hero.

Primary Stat: Strength


Warriors use Swords‏‎ and Shields‏‎ . They wear Metal Armor and Metal Helms.


STR - This will affect your damage and attack rating.

DEX - This will affect your chance to dodge.

INT - This will affect your chance to hit.

LUCK - This will affect your chance to get a critical hit. 


Warrior Attacks
Auto Attack Charge
1. ranger auto
2. charge
Cleave Shield Bash
3. cleave
4. shield bash

Hints and Tips for Playing a Warrior

  • Opening Attacks. - To open with a special attack you will need to select the attack on the bottom bar first and then click on your target. 
  • "Boxing it up." - This is a term that means moving your character systematically in a square... Hence the term "boxing it up." When a monster gets next to you and is about to swing you need to click away from him. Moving from one corner to the next while your tavern friends kill the monster. 
  • Dodge attacking. - Once the monster is about to hit you click away from him. As soon as he swings and you see the word miss appear you can click on him quickly and you will be able to attack him once before he can swing again. Once you hit the monster you then need to click away again to start the cycle over. This can be done with very little room. However, the best way to practice is in a large room until you get the hang of it. 
  • Know your monsters. - There are certian monsters in the game that you do not want to get hit from. Sometimes you might back yourself into a corner and have to take a hit. But, if it can be avoided it should be. The Frost King and Frost Giants so far in the game hit the hardest. They are followed by the Crushers, Troll Dad, and the Yeti. 
  • Aggro control. - It is always best to use 2 rangers or 2 wizards as your companions. The best way to keep them alive for the full amount of time is to open with a charge and then run away. This will keep the monster focused on you while you use the above techniques. If there are multiple monsters and your rangers/wizards hit them with slow you will need to run up as fast as possible and cleave them all. This will keep them focused on you. You should only need to cleave them once if you get to them fast enough. 
  • Practice makes perfect. - It might take you 10 trys to get the hang of these techniques. They are however the most effective I have found in playing the warrior. 

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