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The Tavern is staffed by Nissa and is where you go to find Mercenaries and your Allies to form a Party before you go off Adventuring.

The Tavern unlocks at the beginning of the game. You will get a quest  build it from Nissa but only after Lefty gives the 'I'm Hooked ' quest . It will cost 300 Gold mini to buy from the buildings tab in your store. You will need 2 wood and 2 stone to construct the building. 


"Someone wants to meet me? Well, we need a place to meet!"                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                             


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Your Allies are the people in your Friend List that play Legends: Rise of a Hero. In order to see them in the Tavern you must send them an invitation to come to your Tavern , which they must accept.

Despite the message that says you can only invite them once per day, you can actually keep reusing the same Ally over and over again all day, so long as you keep sending them invitations and they keep accepting.

Your Allies will only Party with you for Five Minutes, so whatever you want to do with them, be prompt about it. Going into your Inventory does not stop the timer, so fix up your gear and potions BEFORE you get your Allies to join you.
Your Allies are people that ...


Mercenaries are NPCs that hang out in the Tavern and can be recruited to join you for Adventuring. Mercenaries cost 10 Loyalty points to hire each time and there is a random selection of 4 to choose from. You may hire more mercenaries after that but they will cost 15 gems and again the selection is random each reset.

Mercenaries are not as powerful as your Allies  (detailed above), however they will Party with you for 10 minutes, whereas your Allies will only Party with you for five.

Building Requirements

  • Go to Tavern
  • Go to Tavern

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