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The Ranger is one of the  Classes‏‎ that you can choose to play in Legends: Rise of a Hero.

Primary Stat: Dexterity


Rangers use Bows‏‎ and Quivers and wear Leather Armor‏‎ and a Leather Helm‏‎ 


STR - This will affect your damage and attack rating.

DEX - This will affect your chance to dodge.

INT - This will affect your chance to hit. LUCK - This will affect your chance to get a critical hit. 


Ranger Attacks
Attack Poison
1. ranger auto
2. poison arrow
Spread Shot Snare
3. spread shot
4. snare

Hints and Tips for Playing a Ranger

  • Always Ally with a Warrior and a Wizard if you can. A Warrior can "Tank", which will help to protect you while you shoot the from afar
  • When you're without a party, it's always better to take on one or at most two enemies at a time. Initiate the attack with a Snare and immediately hit the Poison button. This allows you to get in two attacks as the enemy closes the distance. Right after you fire off your Poison attack, back off a few steps. Your regular attack should be ready to fire.  Keep backing off until the Snare attack is ready and repeat the process.
  • With multiple enemies, you can use the same approach, but the second or third enemy will prevent you from standing still.  You will either have to keep running to avoid taking damage, or, if the enemies are weak or have a slow attack, you can run THROUGH the enemies to get another attack on the original target.  You can usually take out two strong enemies this way.
  • When doing the 'fire and retreat' method, you should wait until you stop moving to attack again. For some reason, if you're too far from the target, your avatar will turn and take a few steps toward it before firing. That sometimes gets so close that the enemy gets an attack before you are able to fire your bow.

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